Notch 35683 Rook Positioning Lanyard 20′


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Here comes the new kid on the lanyard block, the Rook lanyard. We told you the Rook was versatile. We told you the Rook by itself could replace many pieces of equipment. Well, now we are telling you to look to the Rook to revamp your secondary attachment point!Unlike single-point-of-attachment, slack-tending, pulley-based lanyards, the Rook lanyard can be attached back onto itself much like the CE Lanyardbut with a twist actually without a twist! Thats the beauty of it. The Rook swivels!Place the main connection point on a rated central attachment point on your harness, then loop the working end over a suitable anchor point, hooking it back on one of the Rooks two other attachment points. Presto, a short climbing system! Add a Prusik with thimble or just a loop knot and rotate any direction you wanta stationary rope technique is now at your fingertips, expanding your lanyards reach and function. Two Notch oval carabiners firmly gripped in the specially designed rubber-lined paw holes help keep them on their major axes. A double-eye stitched piece of TriTech rope and a two-eye stitched hitch cord of Beeline Black round out this functional, axisymmetric lanyard to keep you from twisting the day away!Lanyard made out of 10′ Tri-Tech from Sterling Rope, Rook by Notch Equipment (made by Rock Exotica), 2 Notch oval carabiners, 8mm Black Beeline Eye 2 Eye 30″ by Yale.

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