Kubota R2401-42280 Inner Air Filter


Kubota R2401-42280 Inner Air Filter

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Kubota R2401-42280

Kubota R2401-42280 Inner Air Filter

Kubota R2401-42280 Inner Air Filter fits the following machines/engines:

Case Skid Steer (Uniloader) Parts

Kubota K/KX Series Excavator Parts

KX057-4,  KX057-5,  KX121-3,  KX121-3S,  KX121-3ST,  KX161-3,  KX161-3S,  KX161-3ST

Kubota L Series Tractor Parts

L47012WD,  L47014WD,  L47014WD Hydrostat (HST)

Kubota LX Series Tractor Parts

LX3310HSD,  LX3310HSDC

Kubota M Series Tractor Parts

M4700,  M4700 4WD Dual Traction,  M4800 2WD Special Utility ROPS,  M4800 4WD Special Utility ROPS,  M4900,  M4900-CAB,  M4900DT,  M4900DT-CAB,  M4900SU,  M4900SUDT, M5400,  M5400DT,  M5400DT-N,  M5640SU,  M5700,  M5700-CAB,  M5700DT,  M5700DT-CAB,  M5700DTN,  M5700HD,  M5700HDC,  MX4700 Hydrostat (HST),  MX4700DT,  MX4700F, MX5000DT,  MX5000F,  MX5000SU,  MX5100 Hydrostat (HST),  MX5100DT,  MX5100F,  MX5400DT,  MX5400DTC,  MX5400DTHC,  MX5400F,  MX5400H,  MX6000DTHC,  MX6000H

Kubota Tractor Loader Backhoe Parts


Kubota U Series Excavator Parts

U45S,  U45ST,  U55-4

Kubota Wheel Loader Parts

R420,  R520,  R520S

Why buy Genuine Kubota Air Filters?

Genuine Kubota air filters ensure peak engine performance and longevity. Engineered specifically for Kubota equipment, they offer superior filtration, protecting against dust, debris, and contaminants. Trusted quality and precise fit help maintain optimal airflow, fuel efficiency, and power. Using genuine filters safeguards your investment and maximizes equipment efficiency.

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